Thursday, 21 February 2013

WGC Accenture SNOW play
Poured some tea, put my feet up and got comfortable. It was Matchplay time......or so I thought.
How wild was that weather??, It was like looking out the window in England a few weeks ago only this is the Arizona Desert. Of the guys who managed to get some play in, I think Bo and Jason are pretty much checkmate. BVP's all round game is solid and in the conditions he built his lead..well if they improve It's on to the next round for him. Jason seems to be a streaky player and when his game is on I imagine he will be tough to beat.
Stan Badz/PGA TOUR
  What I've found over the last few years to be really impressive and also refreshing is that most, if not all, the young Pros on the tours now have great versatile games. No weather conditions seem to faze them and they have the skills to get it done. It used to be that only a few guys from the warmer climates could actually make the cut ( especially at the British Open ) when the conditions got bad, but now everyone is competitive and know that those skills could be called upon at the drop of a snow flake. Hopefully tomorrow we will see plenty of play but in the meantime it looks like the guys are making light of the situation. PGA Snowball fights

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Driving and Distance Control

This is my first post of 2013.....I know, I know, I've been really busy. Since I started my blog I have found out just how difficult it is to gain a regular following. This is, at most, down to my infrequent posting and also the content within my posts. This year I plan to be more productive in my attempts to start a community/following and I will post more regularly with not only my game progress but reviews, Tour news, challenges, Google+ Hangouts and lots more. I just hope people get involved that'll be great.
With the winter weather in the UK still up and down I have spent most of my practise time on the range so far. This is good for keeping my swing ticking over and working on my fundamentals but I can't wait to get out to the practise ground and start working on my short game and GRiP drills. Since before Christmas, I have managed to get out and play only a handful of rounds, most on winter tees and temporary greens. The rounds have been really good for the most part but for my 100yds in and short game. My accuracy has been really good, just my distance control needs work. I've been missing alot of greens long which as a result has been testing my chipping and pitching. I have been scouring the net watching lots of youtube clips and basically swotting up on techniques and drills to add to my practise sessions. I also picked up an absolute gem of a book on ibooks called "" A Swing For Life " by Sir Nick Faldo. I've read it through once and started it again recently, it's a must get.
     After much trialing and testing I settled on my new Driver for the season a Titleist 910 D2. WOW... talk about an improvement to accuracy and confidence, this stick done the trick. My fairways percentage immediately improved and I now pull the Driver with the added confidence of knowing my shape and starting target......This seasons going to be a good one I can feel it.
                                 " SEE IT, PLAY IT "
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